BootNext tool - boot any Linux or Windows from Windows 8.1/7/Vista



BootNext is a small but powerful system tool developed for Windows 8.1/7/Vista operating system.


On UEFI firmware(and GPT disk) BootNext tool allows you to boot directly to:

Note: List of bootable devices depends on CSM (BIOS emulation) state (enabled/disabled).


On BIOS firmware(and MBR disk) BootNext tool allows direct booting of any installed operating system which has boot entry in BCD (Boot Configuration Data):


BootNext main screen



a) Using Visual BCD Editor you can create a Linux loader (boot sector loader) with the click of a button

(using Dual-boot Repair tool/"Boot Sector Viewer" extract Linux boot record to a file)

and amend created loader's path to the extracted boot sector file. This method is clean as it does not include third party boot loaders!

With a boot sector loader in BCD you can also chain load plop* boot loader and create boot entries for USB, CD/DVD (without BIOS support!) and

chain loading grub4dos* boot loader you can create boot entries for almost anything boot able like ISO files, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X etc.

See Dual boot Win 7 and Linux/UNIX for details on creating boot sector loaders.


b) Windows 7 recovery - on a DELL Notebook boot to Windows 7 recovery using UEFI booting was not possible unless CSM was enabled.


Create and start safe mode loader in Windows 8.1/7/Vista


Using BootNext tool you can create with simple selection and click a safe mode loader(with or without boot menu entry) for Windows 8.1/7/Vista.

Available safe modes for selection are:

For booting in safe mode you select the created safe mode loader and click on "Boot selected" button.


BootNext tool has also following functions:


Last but not least the program displays such helpful information as:


See also BootNext help for details.




Free for home, non-profit use.

Program cannot be hosted on other sites !



No installation - just place the two files extracted from zip in any (empty) directory. On run the program creates a desktop shortcut to itself.



Download will be available for blog members only.

Download BootNext utility



.Net Framework 2.0 or 4.0. Tool runs on Vista or later.


*You can download plop from

grub4dos from




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